Taking the Guard Booth to a Brand New Level

In today’s battle against threats, an increasing number of companies and government agencies have turned to a guard booth. While some businesses have a staffed security station in conjunction with other methods of security others depend solely on a guard booth. In either case, it is imperative to choose a reputable manufacturing company, one with a history of developing quality solutions and backing products with a solid warranty.

Usually, a guard booth is used for perimeter security. Based on the exact design, security personnel have 360-degree visibility, access to top-line communications, and a locking security station. However, if you work with B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc., you can also choose a guard booth that is built with bomb and blast resistance, as well as bullet-resistant technology.

Special Applications

For guard houses, there are two primary options. The first is a staffed guard booth whereby an individual checks identification to allow a driver in or out of a facility. The second is a high-security guard booth, commonly used for government buildings, on military bases, at border stations, and more. The primary goal with this second type of station is to keep unwanted people out and threats at bay.

A high-security guard booth is broken down into different levels to include 1, 2, 3, and 4, with 4 offering the greatest level of resistance. To ensure a guard booth of this type performs as indicated, very specialized testing is performed. Once the booth passes, it is certified as having conformed to Underwriters Laboratories standard UL 752, along with others as needed. Currently, the type of guard booth situated around the perimeter of the White House is a level 4.

Along with a more standardized guard booth, B.I.G. Enterprises has the ability to offer customization. A prime example was in 2012 when the company was engaged by NASA to design and manufacture an extremely tough guard booth with bullet proof capability for the Stennis Space Center.

This guard booth offers unrivaled security while still being aesthetically attractive. As part of the design, the company used a combination of high-level ballistics resistant amenities with comfort features like industrial flooring, custom paint, high-output roof-mounted HVAC system, full restroom facility, and more. This guard booth also boasts state-of-the-art communications, alarm, and surveillance equipment.