Reasons Why Security Guardhouse Design is Crucial to Your Business’ Safety

The presence of a Security Guardhouse offers a tremendous advantage in deterring unwanted visitors, theft, and vandalism. Therefore, the size and design of a security house are the most important decisions you’ll make when choosing a guardhouse for your business. Paying close attention to your security guardhouse’s design and size will ensure that your security guards can use the structure comfortably and effectively.  My mistake, I see that you are using security house as a keyword. Disregard my suggestion here.

How to Evaluate Your Security Guardhouse Design Needs

Two Story Security

One of the ways to help determine the size and design is to draw up a list detailing how the guardhouse will be used. Some questions to ask include:

You will want to purchase a security house with enough space to fit the people who will work in it and the equipment they will need to do their jobs. Questions to ask include,

  • How many guards will occupy the space?
  • Will there be computer or telecommunications equipment
  • How much physical land space do you have for the security house?
  • Will cash be stored or transacted on the premises?
  • Will the security guardhouse design need to incorporate high-security materials such as bullet-resistant glass or walls?
  • Will the location be fixed or mobile?

While security houses of all sizes can be moved as needed, if you know in advance that a change in locations will occur regularly, it’s best to investigate smaller guard booths that can easily be mounted to wheels or loaded onto a flatbed truck.

Security Houses: The Correct Dimensions Make a Difference

Once you’ve determined how your security staff will use the guardhouse and what tools and equipment they’ll need to work effectively and efficiently, you can then start to evaluate the pros and cons associated with each security guardhouse design and size. This will allow you to customize the security house to meet all of your business and safety needs – and stay within your target budget range.

Examples of Security Guardhouse Designs and Sizes

At B.I.G. Enterprises, security houses come in any and all shapes and sizes. We offer prefabricated and custom-designed models that fit your size and space needs, security needs, architectural and aesthetics needs, and budgetary constraints. Our professional design staff meet with you to outline all the features you need and then work to bring your security house project to fruition at a reasonable cost. Let’s take a look at some of our more popular styles in each size category.

Security House Sizes

Large Booths: 

Large Size Security House

If your business needs to accommodate several guards occupying the guardhouse at a time, or has a large amount of equipment or tools that need to be stored on-site, then a large booth will be most beneficial. Additionally, if your security house will serve multiple purposes, such as serving as an information center, ticket kiosk, or parking station, a larger footprint may be necessary.

Medium Booths: 

Medium Size Security Booth

A medium-size security house can offer a great deal of functionality while providing plenty of visibility for guardhouse staff. A medium-sized booth works very well for a single guard and has enough space to hold equipment and materials for other guard staff to use as a central location. In addition, a medium-size guard booth provides generous storage, and its smaller footprint means it’s less intrusive and blends in nicely with the surrounding environment. Security houses of this size are perfect for a gated residential development, an amusement park, or a school or healthcare complex.  

Small Booths: 

Small Size Security Booth

Small guard booths may have a tiny footprint, but they offer big protection! A small booth is best when space is limited but having a security presence is necessary. While a small security house will have less room for equipment, it is possible to maximize the security guardhouse design so that every square foot is optimized. Additionally, small booths may be a good choice if your business needs several guardhouses stationed around the perimeter.  

Portable booths: 

Portable Security House

Portable booths are small booths that can quickly be loaded onto a truck bed or wheels. Portable security houses are great for construction firms, outdoor public events, or traveling music fairs and festivals. The portable booth means you don’t have to rent security stations or information kiosks at each location because you’re able to BYOB (Bring Your Own Booth)! Saving time and money.

B.I.G. Enterprises Offers the Best Security Guardhouse Design and Size Options

Choosing the best security house size and design doesn’t have to be stressful. When you work with B.I.G. Enterprises, we help guide you through every step of the process. Contact us today for a free price quote.