Security Guard Shacks: Important for Your Employees’ Safety

While not intended to scare people, the fact is that in today’s society, there is a greater need to protect employees. Too many news stories prove that security guard shacks can prevent a host of tragedies. Whether a threat comes from a disgruntled ex-partner, ex-employee, or someone completely unrelated to the business, enhanced employee safety is a top priority. Thanks to new and innovative designs and features, security guard houses help deter and prevent crime.

To provide your employees with better protection, start by researching the best security guard shack manufacturers. Be sure to choose one that has years of experience and expertise in the field of security.

  • Visibility

    – Statistics show that the presence of a guard shack at a business location is usually enough to deter someone from carrying out a crime against an employee.

  • Access Control

    – A primary function of security guard houses and the trained professionals working inside is to control access to the company’s property. Physical security is imperative for keeping employees safe, as well as property, equipment and machinery, sensitive documents, programs, and more. Access control deters or prevents acts of vandalism, theft, personal injury, and even terrorism. In today’s climate, it is important to check and control people going onto and coming off of your company’s property.

  • Piggybacking

    – Control systems consisting of a gate that opens via a keycard or access code creates a risk of “piggybacking.” In other words, an additional vehicle can pass through the security checkpoint once the lead car gains access. To prevent piggybacking, a guard booth attendant only allows one vehicle at a time.

  • Verification

    – A guard booth is a stopping point for foot and vehicle traffic. Whether coming or going, your trained personnel can get information about the driver, the vehicle, the purpose of the visit, and the location in the building where the individual plans to go. By going through this exercise, the guard or attendant can react quickly to anything that seems suspicious, eliminating a potential threat.

  • Psychological Security

    – A staffed guard house provides psychological security. If someone with bad intentions drives or walks up to a guard shack, there is a good chance that the individual will make an excuse to leave due to second-guessing the level of security throughout the entire building.

To keep your employees safe, you should choose a guard house equipped for any possible threat. At B.I.G. Enterprises, we offer multiple prefabricated designs and features that enhance security at Please visit our website or at big booth or or b.i.g. booth.  Contact a company representative today.