Security Guard Booth - Enhancing University Campus Security

While campus shootings may be relatively rare, they are a real threat that every campus needs to adequately prepare themselves for in order to avoid deadly consequences.  But this isn’t the only reason that it is a must that university campuses have adequate security in place. In addition to being prepared for the worst-case scenario, campuses need to be ready to address the myriad security threats and non-deadly crimes that invariably occur on a daily basis in such a populous public space. College campuses are large areas, and this is why there needs to be a number of guard booths stationed throughout the grounds.

Security guard booths are the first line of defense in preventing campus crime. Campus shootings are a real possibility, and it is a big mistake for college planners to underestimate the impact of these kinds of events. They have happened before, and will happen again. As such, it is the collective responsibility of all campus administrators to prevent these deadly events before they happen through the installation of an adequate number of guard booths across campus through which police and security officers may professionally monitor campus activity.

In a recent forum, campus security administrators weighed in on their views on the increased need for campus security. One east coast administrator, is optimistic about the future of campus security. He is quick to point out the positive impact that a profession-based approach executed through the stationing of numerous points across campus whereby officers occupy a security guard shack has had a positive impact on preventing mass shooting events before they happen.

A southern U.S. administrator agreed.  He argues that campuses could be doing more to install an adequate amount of security guard booths to prevent this kind of crime. From his point of view, university administrators are not installing enough guard booths to keep campuses safe and provide the capacity to effectively neutralize a shooting incident should it occur.

When these events happen, security guard booths provide not only ready access to the scene, but an easy way for students or educators to report any suspicious activity so it can be addressed on the spot. Even if it is not prevented before it happens, in the event that the worst-case scenario does arise and an active shooter situation breaks out, guard booths save precious minutes that would be wasted in waiting for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene and can save lives.

One administrator in the Midwest added that campuses need to be doing more to consider context and location. For example, a campus that is located in a densely urban setting or a sprawling rural area might need to install an extra security guard booth or two in order to be considered safe. He also points out the need for administrators to constantly be vigilant of ever-evolving larger social contexts in which these types of events tend to occur.

However, active shooter situations are not the only reasons that every campus needs guard booths to be in place. There are many other crimes common on university campuses that will invariably tar a colleges’ reputation and discourage new admission. This is why it is the shared responsibility of all university administrators to ensure that a security guard shack is stationed at every major point access point and public area on their campuses.

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