Security Booth Door or Window For Cashier Attendant

Dear Dave,

I have a booth that is used for high volume cashiering. My booth has an aluminum slide door, and aluminum sliding windows. My attendant slides the door andor window probably 100 times a day. I am constantly having to adjust and replace the rollers for these items. I need a new booth, do you have any other options.

Dear Sir,

About 15 years ago we decided to make a change, as our customers were complaining about the same issues in our booths. We now exclusively provide a commercial steel framed door, top hung by eight 2 14” steel ball bearing rollers, in a commercial upper steel trace with lower stainless steel guide, stainless steel pull handle and commercial lock. Even better, All of our slide windows are also made by us, they are commercial steel framed with commercial roller track system, stainless steel sill, welded stainless steel pull handles and commercial lock. You can now slide your doors and windows 1000 times a day for years of maintenance free use.