Portable Guard Shack -Primary Benefits

B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. is a U.S.-based company that has become a leader in the industry for guard booths, security stations, attendant shacks, high security guard houses, and much more. With more than 50 years of experience in the business, this company has the knowledge and expertise required to design and manufacture a state-of-the-art portable guard shack.

Guard shacks from B.I.G. are prefabricated so once construction is complete based on exact specifications, the shack is delivered to your site. The guard shack is unloaded from the truck, secured in place and connected to power. Based on design, there is never added expense or time delays associated with assembly or construction.

Primary Benefits

Specific to a portable guard shack, there are many incredible benefits, with examples to include the following:

  • Portable – Because the guard shack is shipped fully assembled, it can be relocated where ever wanted, making it portable. If you find the shack needs to be placed in a different area or perhaps used at another site, it can be loaded onto a truck with a forklift or crane and then moved.
  • Affordable – In addition, a portable guard shack is an economical means of providing security personnel with a secure building in which to work but without strength or safety ever being compromised. Compared to having a guard house built on-site, a product from B.I.G. is a much more affordable option. However, a portable guard shack is also a great long-term investment, again because it is so well-made but also portable.
  •  Design Flexibility – The professionals with B.I.G. can customize a portable guard shack however needed. This might be something simple like size or layout but it can also consist of high-tech amenities and features. Regardless of your need, a portable guard shack manufactured by this company can be designed anyway you want.
  • Turnaround – Going with a portable guard shack also provides a quick turnaround. With this product being pre-engineered, the architect’s design time is streamlined. In addition, your portable guard shack is bundled with other guard shacks that are being shipped to your area, thus lowering your shipping costs.

Without question, a portable guard shack from B.I.G. is a solid investment. These units are built to last and designed according to your precise specifications.