Portable Booth Security Basics: How to Best Implement Them

Portable Booth Security Basics: How to Best Implement Them

How Portable Security Booths are a Business Asset

For many businesses, portable security booths offer many possibilities for an affordable price. The most immediate business benefit is that with a portable booth, you can locate your security staff where they’re needed. This kind of guardhouse is best for businesses in industrial operations and construction, in addition to anyone hosting public events such as outdoor concerts, sporting events, or public gatherings. Additionally, a portable booth can be set up as an information or ticketing kiosk or as a parking booth whenever the need arises.

Portable security booths are a great security solution when installing a permanent guardhouse isn’t feasible or practical. This article will help you understand how to make the most of a small, portable booth and the reasons why it may be a good investment for your business.

Four Ways to Maximize Your Portable Security Booth:

1. Fits Many Business Needs

Before purchasing any guardhouse, it’s essential to draw up a list of your business’s security needs and how a portable booth can address them. For example, who will be working out of the booth? Will the person require computer or communication access? Will payments or cash be present in the booth? Having a firm idea of your security needs will help during the design process.

2. A Simple Solution

A portable security booth is small, so it’s best to keep the inside design simple and functional. Carefully select only the essentials when it comes to storage and technology equipment. Adding too much to the interior will make it challenging for your employee to do their work efficiently and effectively.

3 Maximize Storage

Even though portable booths are small, it is possible to identify spaces for employees to keep paperwork, place any personal belongings, and store small items necessary to visitors, clients, or patrons entering or exiting the facility (such as visitor passes, hard hats, and security vests, or electronic equipment).

4. Incorporate Needed Technology

If your portable security booth needs to have a computer, install a wall-mounted monitor arm. This feature will help keep counter space open for your employee to work.

Why Portable Booths Make Good Business Sense

Regardless of your business’ industry sector, a lightweight, portable security booth can serve many other functions that help to improve safety and generate revenue. These include:

  • establishing a central location for all your security needs,
  • providing customers, clients, and visitors with a central information center,
  • offering a secure place for collecting admission or parking fees from attendees and visitors,
  • enhancing the security presence and deterring theft from parking lots
  • monitoring the moving of people and vehicles from entrances and exits.

While portable booths can be designed to offer only the essentials, prefabricated booths can also be enhanced and customized with various amenities and features.

A Portable Security Booth Generates Return on Investment

By choosing a portable booth, your business not only maintains its security presence, but it does so with having to invest significant sums of money for a permanently installed guardhouse. Additionally, if your business is in a location that is prone to severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, flooding, tornados, or significant snowfall, a portable security booth can easily be transported to a storage facility or safe location.

B.I.G. Enterprises Provides Security and Comfort

At B.I.G. Enterprises, our portable booths are assembled on a Department of Transportation-approved trailer for highway transportation and can be towed to any location that a vehicle can access.

All of our portable and permanently installed shelters are designed to meet your business’s needs and requirements. Customization options include:

  • Sizes/dimensions that can comfortably house 1 or 2 employees
  • Installation of power generators
  • Equipment to manage HVAC system
  • Ballistic Protection for windows and walls

Add a Portable Booth to Your Perimeter Security Plan

A portable booth is a wise addition to your business’s perimeter security plan. When you partner with B.I.G. Enterprises, we outfit each security structure to meet your safety goals without compromising structural quality or work functionality for your employees.

With a B.I.G. Enterprises portable security booth, guards will be supported in their work, customers and visitors will feel secure and confident in your business, and you can feel good knowing that the investment fits easily within your budget.

Contact one of our security experts and get all your questions answered to start planning your portable security booth. You’ll be amazed by how efficient and affordable they are!