Other Uses for Security Guard Houses

Other Uses for Security Guard Houses

A prefabricated security guard house provides your residence, business, or facility peace of mind and increased protection against external threats. The primary function of these structures is to offer a strategic location for your security personnel to operate and give them the tools and shelter they need to perform at their best. But the space, time, and investment that you make in your guard booths means that you’ll want to get the highest return––and that means taking advantage of your security booth design options to use your unit in more ways than one.

Fortunately, there are several ways to utilize your security guard house in addition to empowering your security team. Below, we’ll outline a few of them and explain how to get the most out of your guard booth.

Multiple Locations

First and foremost, if you invest in a portable prefabricated guard booth, you can use the same unit at various locations. If the primary traffic route moving in and out of your location changes often, a portable booth is the way to go. For example, a university campus may only need a security booth outside of a sports venue on game days, a construction site might need to alternate locations to use their booth as a secure equipment enclosure, or a parking lot may need to adjust the location of the attendant booth depending on the volume of vehicles on a given day.

A portable security guard house is a versatile option for anyone looking into guard shacks, especially if your needs tend to fluctuate from day to day.

Machine & Equipment Enclosures

Construction Workers Site

Your security guard house can double up as a storage unit for equipment and other needed items. This is a particularly appealing option for situations in which your security team tends to operate remotely from the booth itself. If the staff are more on-the-go than stationary, the highly secure, protected shelter of your guard shack can serve as an excellent equipment enclosure. The high quality materials, including bullet resistant components and reinforced doors, walls, and flooring can keep valuable items like machines and other heavy equipment safe and secure.

For example, on construction sites, workers often carry expensive (and heavy) tools that are difficult to remove from the site entirely on a day-to-day basis. A secure, portable booth on site makes it easy to lock up these valuable items each night while making them easily accessible for workers to pick up again in the morning.

Attendant Structures & Relaxation Stations

Your security guard house does not necessarily have to accommodate security personnel only! Parking attendants, ticket takers, and maintenance workers can utilize prefabricated security stations, too.

By setting up a booth in your parking lot, deck, or garage, you can provide your attendant a place to successfully collect fees from drivers. Ticket takers at major events like football games or concerts can keep a safe distance from herds of fans eager to get inside the venue.

For on-site maintenance workers, guard booths can serve as break rooms and relaxation stations. Your guard booth can be outfitted with HVAC units, heating and cooling systems, bathrooms, and more to make these spaces comfortable and give these employees an opportunity to take a load off.

Material Storage

Like doubling your guard booth to be used for a highly secure equipment enclosure, your valuable materials may need secure storage as well. From construction sites to military bases, there is always a need for additional storage when it comes to expensive materials that may be enticing to thieves. Your security guard house can be designed to account for these materials so that you do not need to sacrifice space that security team members need.

Observation Towers

Sure, the inside of your B.I.G. prefabricated security booth is nice, but you can take advantage of the outside, too! Whether you’re protecting a government facility or temporary basecamp, leveraging the height of your booth as an eagle’s nest or observation deck can give you the upper hand in a potentially dangerous situation.

Consider a security guard house design that includes a ladder and hatch from the inside of the booth to the rooftop, with a barrier fence surrounding the rooftop border. This can enable you to see threats from a distance with your own eyes –– and may give you the extra time you need to take decisive action.

Mounting a Counter-Offensive

In a post-9/11 world, military bases and government facilities have doubled down on their security precautions and equipment. If your situation includes the potential for extreme threats, an intelligently designed security guard house can not only be a central location for security personnel to work safely, it can also be where you stage a counter-offensive if attacked.

Our security guard booths can be outfitted with a variety of bullet and blast resistant materials, including doors, windows, walls, ceilings, and floors. They can also be designed to include slide-open gun ports to make it easy to return fire at assailants, high-beam spotlights to blind approaching attackers, and gun lockers to keep security personnel armed and ready.

Choose Versatility with B.I.G. Enterprises

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we set the gold standard when it comes to prefabricated security booth solutions. Our mission is to design and build the best of the best in custom security guard houses –– and ensure that your booth gives you the versatility you need to make the most of your investment. You can explore our gallery of booths to find inspiration for a booth that serves your (many) needs.

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