Making the Most of a Small Guard Shack Interior

Making the Most of a Small Guard Shack Interior

A Small, Portable Shelter Can Be a Valuable Asset to Your Business

For many businesses, small guard shacks offer lots of possibilities at a very affordable price. First and foremost is the fact that when you invest in a small portable shelter, you aren’t committing yourself to a fixed location. This kind of guard shack is ideal for businesses overseeing large construction sites and industrial operations, as well as those responsible for hosting large public events, festivals, concerts, and sporting events. With a small guard shack, you can set up your ticketing or parking booth, security station, or informational kiosk wherever you need to on any given day.

Small portable shelters offer a multi-purpose, fast-acting solution when you don’t want or can’t have a permanent guard booth. Once you understand the tips and tricks for making the most of a relatively small space, you’ll be glad you made the investment.

Here are eight great tips to get the most use out of your small portable shelter:

1. Do Your Homework

When it comes to outfitting a small guard shack, there are lots of possibilities. Start by coming up with your list of business requirements for how this space will be used. Will it be staffed by a security guard or a parking lot attendant? Will the staff stationed in it need computer or internet access? Will employees be handling cash or accepting payments? Having a firm idea of the needs will help you determine what is necessary and what isn’t.

2. Look at the Floorplan

Even though the space will be small, it’s essential to look at the floorplan and determine where necessary items should be placed, like a sliding window, the entry door, a desk, a chair, and filing cabinets. You want to make sure this small portable shelter can accommodate the movements and needs of the person working inside.

3. Keep it Simple

When it comes to outfitting a small guard shack, you want to keep it simple and highly functional. Clutter needs to be kept to a minimum, so carefully selecting storage and work equipment is essential. If you try to add too much, it’ll become difficult for the employee to do their work successfully.

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4. Small Spaces Need Comfortable Seating

It might be tempting to choose the most compact chair possible to cut down on space, but for staff working in the guard booth, having specifically designed comfortable seating for small spaces will help them do their work more effectively.

5. Keep the Interior Bright

White or light colors are the best paint options for the inside of any small portable shelter. It’ll keep the space bright and even help it appear a little larger.

6 Maximize Hidden Storage

As a result of following steps 1 through 3, you’ll be able to identify spaces where you can incorporate hidden storage. Hidden storage could be for an employee to place their personal belongings, keep paperwork, or store any sort of small items that may be necessary to those entering or exiting the facility (such as hard hats, electronic equipment, or visitor passes).

7. Make the Technology Mobile

If you need to incorporate computers or technology into your small, portable shelter, consider utilizing a mobile monitor arm that extends from a wall. This set-up will free up counter or desk space.

8. Review and Readjust as Necessary

One of the best benefits of small portable shelters is that they can serve many various purposes over time. When you keep the floor plan simple and interior space free of clutter, you’ll easily be able to adjust the layout based on the needs of the work at hand.

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At B.I.G. Enterprises, our small portable shelters are constructed on a Department of Transportation highway-approved trailer and can be placed anywhere accessible by your towing vehicle.

Shelters are designed and constructed to meet your business’s unique requirements. Variables include:

  • Sizes/dimensions to accommodate 1 or 2 employees
  • Generators for equipment/tools
  • Temperature/air quality management equipment
  • Ballistic Protection for walls and windows