Lessons from Manchester: Security Booth Protection for Commercial Businesses and Events

Concert venues and movie theaters will always be popular locations for the general public. As a result, these areas are at risk for terrorist attacks because of the large number of people at events in these locations. Terrorists are drawn to these locations because of what these crowds represent to their ideology.

Why Event Crowds Need Security Booth Protection

The terrorist and shooting attacks in Aurora, Colorado in 2012, Paris in 2015, the Brussels airport in 2016, Manchester in May 2017, and in Las Vegas of 2017, all spread shock and horror around the world. In their aftermath, they raised many questions about how security can be increased for these public events and spaces.

Event crowds will continue to be ideal targets for terrorist attacks due to the potential magnitude of the impact. While the Manchester concert audience was vulnerable, the security perimeter checks did help prevent the bomber from completely entering the venue. If there had been no security checkpoint and he had been permitted to enter the venue further, the casualties and damage could have been even worse than they were. The terrorist responsible for the Manchester attacks detonated his vest near the security area because that’s as far as he could go. He realized he would not be able to fully enter the event venue.

Security Booths

In the five terrorist cases mentioned above, there was resulting disorder due to the large volume of people rushing out through limited exits. People rushed out through available doors away from the noise of gunfire or explosions. Chaotic audiences will hinder quick exits, increasing the need for alternative solutions.

B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. has prefabricated security booths, including booths with wheels, to help secure entrance and exit security checkpoints. With a variety of options like bullet resistant booths and portable security guard booths, these structures can provide additional security measures for large event venues and commercial business areas.

Additional Security Recommendations

  •  Increase security checkpoints and perimeters with the presence of bullet resistant guard booths. Portable guard booths on wheels can help change the checkpoint locations, based on the crowd size and event, with ease.
  •  Place security perimeters at a further distance. This will discourage potential attackers from entering the venue or business, increasing protection for large crowds.
  •  At each security checkpoint booth, all guards, local police officers, and management personnel should be aware of shelter-in-place plans. This may prevent movement mayhem in the event of an emergency.
  • Open the lines of communication with local security professionals working at nearby locations and with police officers.
  • Review emergency plans so that all law enforcement and guards are aware of security developments and plans.

While security screening perimeters decreased the impact of the Manchester terrorist attack, many venues and businesses can increase security further by installing guard booths and engaging in emergency planning.