How to Learn from Las Vegas

It’s been almost a year since the world turned horrified eyes to Las Vegas where a country music festival had become the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history. There were 58 fatalities, hundreds of injuries, and unspeakable panic as authorities scrambled to find the killer and his motive. In the immediate aftermath and continuing today, people have grappled with the question of ‘what could have been done differently?’ Perhaps no one is asking this question more than festival organizers, hotel management, and casino owners.

One suggestion being mulled over is that the number of security guard shacks should be increased at hotel properties and outdoor events.  A greater number of security checkpoints throughout a music festival, for example, could ensure that even the musical artists and their entourages abide by a “no weapons” policy with equipment and bags being subjected to multiple searches. Increased visibility of security throughout festival grounds by the addition of multiple security guard houses could also act as a deterrent to potential threats.

Casino security experts have chimed in on the need for additional security measures as well. After the Las Vegas tragedy, many have advocated for updated safety policies and procedures, more resources for staff training, and research into new technology to address concerns. While casinos already have multiple ways to protect the cash on-site, additional training of staff could pair well with strategies in place to protect guests by employees (not just security) striking a balance of hospitality and keen observation skills. The more observant and engaged with customers an employee is, the more likely they are to notice suspicious behavior.

More visible external security measures at multiple hotel entryways or at the entrance to festivals is another way to enhance safety. Portable security booths can be customized and can be arranged in a variety of ways for temporary events like festivals. Security personnel can feel reassured by features like bulletproof barriers and air conditioning for their comfort. Anything that improves the conditions in the security guard house improves the performance of eagle-eyed guards.

In any case, improved security is an issue that no one is taking lightly. Safety is the primary concern for all involved, from hotel management and festival organizers to professional security guards and patrons of these establishments.

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