Guard Houses

Tips for Selecting the Right Guard Houses

If you are thinking about having a guard house installed at your facility, you always want the best. Because there are so many companies that now offer this type of product, the selection process can quickly become overwhelming. However, by following a few suggestions, you will end up with an exceptional product that offers superior functionality, as well as comfort.

The Company Matters

Although it might be tempting to build a security station as a do-it-yourself project or go with a lesser-known company that offers incredible claims for manufacturing top-of-the-line guard houses, the reality is that you want to work with a company that has a long history in the business. A perfect example is B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. which has studied different types of threats and designs of guard houses for more than 50 years.

Security versus Monitoring

As you look at different guard houses, you will discover that some are used more for monitoring purposes while others serve as a first line of defense against imposing threats. For example, booths are often used for collecting money on toll turnpikes. In this case, the focus is more on forcing vehicles to stop to pay the required toll.

However, guard houses are also used for security purposes whereby people have to sign in with appropriate documentation or used along with closed circuit television to keep a watchful eye on the perimeters of a facility. Because there are differences in need, you want to choose a company that will deliver the right product accordingly.

Important Assessment

One of the many services offered by B.I.G. is a complete assessment to determine the exact type of guard houses that you need. As part of this, the company will consider the type of business, operations, level of traffic, size and layout of the facility, and more. Based on the findings, a professional representative will make recommendations as to the type of booth that will best serve you.

In addition, all of the guard houses manufactured by B.I.G. Enterprises can be built to comply with current Americans Disability Act (ADA) regulations so if you have employees who work in guard houses who have a disability, those individuals will have the ability to perform the job efficiently and effectively.