Why isn’t my A/C unit cooling?

Check the filters. HVAC must cycle or it will not blow hot or cold air. Temperature should be set to maintain the cycle and keep the A/C condenser from freezing. Doors/windows should remain closed to retain the warm or cold air inside the booth.

Who will install my HVAC unit?

You must have a certified HVAC technician install your HVAC unit in order to maintain the warranty with the manufacturer. See installation instructions regarding warranty issues

Why is there CORROSION around the base of the booth?

Corrosion means the booth was not sealed properly during installation. See installation instructions provided.

Why is the booth sliding DOOR hard to open?

See maintenance instructions for checking and adjusting alignment. Note: the alignment should be checked regularly.

What do I do if the booth is not DRAINING correctly?

If the booth is not draining correctly, it was not installed per manufacturer instructions. Booth to be set to have a slight slope toward the drain openings.

What do I do if I spot DAMAGE to the booth when it arrives on the truck?

DO NOT UNLOAD the booth. Call Freight Dispatch at (800) 853-6373 immediately. If the booth arrives after hours, take pictures of the booth (while on the truck) and note the damage on the Bill of Lading.