Fabricated Guard Booth

Benefits of a Fabricated Guard Booth

Regardless of the fabricated guard booth you are most interested in, there are numerous benefits associated with buying from B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. Even though guard booths are being viewed today more as a necessity than a luxury, it is still important to understand the advantages of choosing this type of product and also to understand the advantages of buying from this particular company.

Key Company Advantages

For one thing, B.I.G. Enterprises has been in the business for more than 50 years. During that time, the company has conducted a significant amount of research and made appropriate design changes along the way. The result is a fabricated guard booth that outperforms the competition from both a functional and security standpoint. Other advantages in choosing this company for your fabricated guard booth include:

  • Member of several reputable organizations including NPA, IPI, BOMA, ASSI, CPPA, CSI, and PAC
  • Guard booths, as well as other company products have been used on a national and international level at airports, major toll roads, corporate facilities, and colleges/universities
  • The design for virtually all of the revenue control booths, attendant booths, and bullet proof booths on the market today was initially introduced by B.I.G.

Product Advantages

You will also enjoy a number of advantages in choosing a fabricated guard booth from B.I.G. such as:

  • Standard and customized design options
  • Booths can be relocated
  • Fabricated guard booths are manufactured at the factory and then delivered to the site so there is never construction or assembly involved
  • If you need something larger, the guard house can be expanded
  • Regardless of why you need a fabricated guard booth, this structure provides exceptional protection as a first line of defense. Based on design of the B.I.G. products, you will have 360-degree visibility, state-of-the-art communications, high-tech locking doors and windows, and even ballistic and blast resistance if wanted.
  • A fabricated guard booth can also be used to store expensive equipment
  • This type of guard house is cost-efficient and a worthwhile investment
  • There are also some tax benefits associated with fabricated constructed guard booths and similar structures