Examples of B.I.G. Fabricated Guard Booths

With a 50-plus year history of researching, testing, designing, and manufacturing state-of-the-art booths, B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. has a huge portfolio of completed projects. In addition to fabricated valet booths, control booths, parking booths, ticketing booths, cashier booths, attendant booths, and others, B.I.G. creates superior fabricated guard booths.

Although all of the booths designed and developed by B.I.G. are made from high quality materials and unrivaled workmanship, they each offer a very specific service. As the name indicates, fabricated guard booths are used to protect the perimeter of a facility. The individual staffing the booth becomes the eyes and ears for notification in the event of an emergency or threat.

Unique Examples of Fabricated Guard Booths

The list of guard booths manufactured by B.I.G. is quite extensive, below are a few examples of the more unique product offerings.

  • The Commonwealth – This fabricated guard booth measures 7x7-feet and was initially constructed for a Capitol complex. In addition to architectural wall treatments, this booth is designed with a split system HVAC, standing seam metal roof complete with snow guards, custom shelves and cabinets, electronic door strikes, and bullet resistant protection.
  • Eastview Guard Booth – Another one of the company’s outstanding fabricated guard booths offers outstanding quality, architectural integrity, and a complete restroom for added convenience.
  • Classic Deco Guard Booth – Without question, this is one of the more unique fabricated guard booths. The exterior resembles an old movie house while the interior is loaded with customized features. Included are stainless steel sliding doors, butt-glazed Solarban-60 insulated glass, LED lighting, industrial flooring, data communications, cameras, gate controls, and several Energy Star components.
  • Naval Protector – This is one of the custom fabricated guard booths manufactured by B.I.G. The booth was built to serve as the primary guard booth for a Naval facility. The booth has a fully outfitted restroom, floor with VCT, electrical package, data and communications capability, shelving, bullet resistance, and prepped for security cameras.
  • The Convincer – As another one of the many fabricated guard booths designed by B.I.G., this unit offers the highest protection against security threats to include bullet resistant armor. The booth has a stainless steel construction, security lights, electronic doors, and all mechanical and electrical components needed.