Building Specifications for Guard Houses

With more than 50 years in the business, B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. is a leader in the industry and a company responsible for the initial design of many guard houses on the market today. If you are going to invest in a state-of-the-art guard house, you want the best. B.I.G. proudly offers unrivaled designs and top manufacturing to ensure critical specifications are met.

Specifications for B.I.G. Guard Houses
B.I.G. must comply with both local and state-level regulations. The company understands that each state has unique requirements for Energy Code, state approval, and third-party factory inspections. A few examples of specifications for B.I.G. guard houses include:

Frame – The frame of guard houses have to be at least A-500, 2x2-inches by .083 structural mechanical steel tubing for extreme accuracy. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, B.I.G. guard houses offer a superior structure capable of handling a 220 mile per hour wind load.

Wall System – The wall system for guard houses is mandated at a minimum of A-527, 16 gauge, cold-rolled galvanized steel interior with exterior panels with MIG welding between the frame and mullions and insulated to R10. Because of this, the level of durability and strength is outstanding.

Roofing System – Guard houses manufactured by B.I.G. have an all-steel construction necessary for outside use coupled with R19 insulation. Drainage occurs through a guttering system comprised of downspouts and a three-part Energy Star membrane coating complete with Solar Reflective Index coating of at least 95. Room dimensions for guard houses are 6x8-feet or greater, to include removable lifting eyes.

Flooring System – Guard houses must have a floor that is R10 insulated A-569, made of 11 gauge steel plate that is covered with 1/8x19-inches of square industrial black rubber tiles with a base cove of 4-inches. The interior side of the frame is anchored using predrilled holes. In addition, floors in guard houses have cut-outs needed for communications, data, and electrical stub-ups.

Door – Guard houses must have at least one heavy-duty steel framed sliding door made of steel tube frames and 16 gauge insulated galvanized steel panels. Doors also have pull handles made of stainless steel that are welded to the frame, as well as mortise hook bolt lock. These doors are extremely strong, durable, and provide excellent protection.