Security Desk Organization

At B.I.G. we know how to manufacture guard booths. So at the final installation, Security Consoles and Monitors fit perfectly and are well organized.
Work with our Expert Sales & Engineering team to have your booth manufactured the right way.

Bullet and blast resistance

Trusted by some of the most security-sensitive organizations in the world, we’re proven experts in blast-resistant building design. We use highly specialized materials tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), HP White, and Underwriters Laboratory (UL), B.I.G. to achieve the industry’s highest level of blast resistance.

Outfit your security booth with advanced bullet-resistant technology for superior and reliable protection. Our security guard design experts can discuss the benefits of the following safety measures:

UL, NIJ, MIL-A-46100 Level 1 through 10
Transaction drawers
Transaction trays
Gun ports
Interior and exterior intercom
Hardening of floors and hatches
Hardening of air conditioners and other options
Blast resistance