Steel track window system

There are only two moving parts to a guard booth; sliding doors and transaction windows. Some manufacturers use a traditional system that proves inadequate for long term use. Our system uses steel tracks, four steel ball bearing wheels, and the highest quality products available to take on the continuous use and abuse that doors and windows must endure.

All booth building units have a steel window frame system with flush-mounted corners and welded fastening. Each unit will have fixed or operable windows on all sides, and all windows will be glazed with 1/4″ tinted tempered glass.

Exterior painted galvanized steel window frames are architecturally superior to aluminum, more durable, and offer easier glass replacement. Most states with energy codes will require the units to have ¾” minimum tempered dual pane insulated glass with Low-E coating. We recommend every exterior installation have this glass for better heating\cooling gain or loss.

State-of-the-art industrial paint process

Prior to painting each guard booth undergoes a Zirconization cleaning process, to ensure maximum paint adherence. This cleaning process helps our products to achieve the highest ASTM B117N standards available. Our industrial paint process includes a two-part epoxy rust inhibitor prime coat and a top-coat of two-component polyurethane, ensuring years of protection.

Bullet and blast resistance

Trusted by some of the most security-sensitive organizations in the world, we’re proven experts in blast-resistant building design. We use highly specialized materials tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), HP White, and Underwriters Laboratory (UL), B.I.G. to achieve the industry’s highest level of blast resistance.

Outfit your security booth with advanced bullet-resistant technology for superior and reliable protection. Our security guard design experts can discuss the benefits of the following safety measures:

UL, NIJ, MIL-A-46100 Level 1 through 10
Transaction drawers
Transaction trays
Gun ports
Interior and exterior intercom
Hardening of floors and hatches
Hardening of air conditioners and other options
Blast resistance