Benefits of Having Security Booths serving Hospitals

Because of their openness, hospitals can be vulnerable places. This is why in recent years, the majority of US hospitals have been working hard to improve security by installing a guard booth where an armed officer can be stationed at all entrances and widely used thoroughfares.

There are myriad ways that a hospital is made safe and secure by installing security booths. Security booths allow for a station to monitor people entering and leaving the hospital. Hospitals are particularly vulnerable to criminal activity because they are public facilities. This means that there is always a risk that armed felons or people with dangerous records and unstable histories can enter undetected.

Furthermore, hospitals host many people who have already been victims of an assault, and there is a big risk of the perpetrators of these assaults entering the hospital with the intention to committing further crimes. This is particularly an issue in common cases involving domestic violence towards female victims, who will be especially vulnerable to an attack should a perpetrator be able to enter a facility where there are no security booths already in place.

Because of this, having at least one guard booth in all busy public areas, as well as at least one other portable security booth to address any contextual security concerns that may arise, is one of the most important aspects of a successful hospital security initiative.

A midwestern state has recently taken the initiative to station 120 security officers and trained police who work from either a guard booth or a portable security booth. Here, the Chief of Police and corporate director of safety for the Health District, have a personal mission to provide optimal safety in hospital environments where patients are particularly vulnerable to attack.

For the Director of Safety, it isn’t just about keeping armed and dangerous people out of the hospitals, but about being able to station more police and trained guards in the hospital. This is why it is so important for hospitals to have multiple security booths on and around the premises to house these officers.

A portable security booth will be especially helpful in monitoring zones where suspicious activity may periodically arise. The security director points out that when nurses and patients have easy access to multiple security booths, they are able to quickly report any suspicious activity, and this will allow for the situation to be acted on and neutralized immediately, rather than wasting precious minutes waiting for somebody to arrive on the scene.

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