Being Proactive with Security in Corporate Premises

A well-known financial services organization that helps clients prepare for the future, has taken an innovative approach to preparing the company to address security threats as well. When they constructed an innovative 32-story tower as their new operations headquarters, the company took the initiative to update their security strategy. The impressive new structure features a top-of-the-line security technology strategy that is operated, monitored and controlled by multiple access points including within a custom booth.

By revolutionizing their corporate security strategy, the financial services organization has placed themselves ahead of the game. Given the massive size of the structure, the state-of-the-art facility is using the custom guard booth as an innovative way to make sure that not only their assets, but also their valuable employees and clients are kept safe and secure at all times of the day and night.

At the forefront of this technological approach to security, a mobile guard shack provides an innovative means to protect the premises in its entirety. This means that a custom booth can provide a manner to account for security fully in corporate premises, including locations that corporate campus  administrators often overlook, like gardens and on-site cafeterias and restaurants. The truth is that many corporate premises fail to account for the need to install a custom booth in these types of corporate-owned spaces, and they tend to be particularly vulnerable to crimes.

This is because eating and lounging areas tend to be publicly accessible, although still corporately owned. This means that without the presence of a mobile guard shack, these areas are especially prone to crime as they are open to everybody and anybody, not just corporate employees. Installing a custom booth in the entrance and exit areas of these kind of environments, as well as throughout the headquarters, is imperative to ensuring adequate corporate security.

A corporate security consultant for the firm, points out the strategic value of implementing a state-of-the-art security strategy in not only attracting a workforce, but for using a combined strategy featuring the custom booth and mobile guard booth as a way to ensure that security needs will be adaptable and prepared to meet any new challenges that might arise in the future.

One of the hallmarks of the company’s strategy is to ensure that their multiple corporate campuses are working together and equally committed to meeting a high security standard. It is not uncommon for transitional zones between campuses to lack a custom guard booth designed to account for the unique challenges that these zones present, and therefore, are often left vulnerable to crime. A mobile guard booth provides an adaptive solution to meet these kind of challenges and to ensure that physical spaces that connect these campuses, like skywalks, are kept safe and secure at all times.

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