An Expert Partnership

Secondly, guards can observe all people coming and going, looking for “PAINs” (Pre-Attack Indicators). PAINs might include movement patterns, objects being carried, dress, demeanor, and even facial expressions. By observing all of the attendees—both those exhibiting PAINs and those who aren’t—guards can quickly spring into action if an attack begins.

As stated above, the best position for this defensive role would seem to be stationing a guard near the entrance. This is typically done through installation of a security guard booth. This way, security guards have a protected “home base” of operations and are among the first to greet guests and begin their observations of everyone’s behavior. Prefabricated guard houses are a great option to consider. These can be pre-built to detailed specifications, ranging from size to security measures like a bullet-resistant exterior (100% bullet-proof booths are rare). Security guards inside can feel protected and more easily able to observe and detect warning signs of danger.

Wherever they are positioned, it is important for guards to keep in mind that PAINs can have an innocent explanation. This is where it becomes essential to include customer service training for these type of security jobs; for example, asking how a guest’s day is going and where they are headed are forms of engagement that can help security personnel evaluate a person’s actions and motives, depending on the response they receive. Of course, this must be done in a way that alleviates suspicion either way so both a potential attacker and an innocent attendee don’t feel threatened or alarmed.

Guards housed in a secure booth at the entrance to buildings and events can be the perfect partnership with measures already in place for increased safety in today’s world.

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