Active Assailant Unarmed Officer

Security is a top concern for every business that interacts with the public daily. Some visitors may be uncomfortable with an armed guard. If that rings true for the members of the public you serve, an unarmed officer can be effective.


Security forces, whether armed or not, should make use of observation skills, particularly before warning signs of an attack even present themselves. Guards who quietly observe patrons exhibiting pre-attack indicators can find engagement a useful tool. The guard might ask about their day and then observe their reaction to and the detail of verbal response and body language to determine if their behavior is innocent or a warning sign.


Effective communication is invaluable in the wake of a violent act. Guards should be armed with communication tools like multi-channel radios. They should also coordinate non-verbal signals to use to avoid arousing suspicion of a would-be attacker.

Location and Amenities:

Security forces can be most effective when stationed near a business entryway. Security personnel stationed in or near an attendant booth can greet guests and begin their observation of all patrons in order to better evaluate a situation. A custom booth can be ordered to meet the particular needs of a business, including designs that match your external aesthetic, along with the inclusion of restrooms to avoid the need for attendants and guards to stray too far from such an important post.

A Home Base:

A security guard cabin at an entrance can also serve as a “home base” of sorts for security personnel, and it won’t take up additional space within your building. Plus, guards will have everything they need to make the booth the first line of defense for suspicious activity.


In the case of an active assailant attacking on business grounds, unarmed guards can be effective with the proper training. Visibility of perceived force is a good start, but additional training can help them identify the differences between high-risk and low-risk guests. Low-risk individuals, for example, might include children, families, people over 70, and known guests of the establishment. However, it cannot be emphasized enough that training for this type of observation is crucial to avoid stereotyping anyone.

While there are no guarantees on the most effective strategy to stay safe, peace of mind can come with preparedness.

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