4 Safety Features All Modern Guard Houses Should Have

4 Safety Features All Modern Guard Houses Should Have

A modern security guard booth can be outfitted with any number of customized features depending on your specific needs. From complete HVAC systems on the interior of your booth to exterior detailing that perfectly matches the surrounding environment, there is almost nothing that cannot be done. But if you’re serious about investing in security for your guard booth, there are a few safety features that you should definitely incorporate into your design.

Here are four of the most important safety features to include in your modern guard house.

1. Data & Electronic Wiring

It may go without saying, but your security station must be fully equipped with the communication tools that your team needs to do their job. Make sure you have a hard-wired telephone line, ethernet connection, and a closed-circuit security system – one that is not vulnerable to being disabled if your internet is disconnected.

State-of-the-art communications equipment enables your team to stay connected between multiple security booth locations or while team members are on patrol. There are even barrier and gate control capabilities. This makes it easy to call for back-up, warn one another of possible security breaches, or simply check-in at appointed times.

Similarly, data connectivity gives your security team the information they need at their fingertips, as well as the ability to store video recordings and other potentially useful information.

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2. Restrooms

Believe it or not, installing restrooms in your guard house can actually be a critical safety feature. With a restroom available in the booth itself, your security personnel does not need to leave the guard station unattended, or leave a single agent alone at the station, for extended periods of time.

This mitigates the potential opportunities for any person or persons who may attempt to breach security. In addition, it provides your security personnel with the ease and comfort of having a restroom nearby, thus boosting team morale and improving performance.

Today, modern guard houses can be outfitted with single restrooms, double restrooms, and restrooms that meet ADA (American with Disabilities Act) requirements. These can be connected to your facility’s plumbing or, if you prefer, be installed as compost or incinerator toilets.

3. Bullet & Blast Resistant Materials

The evolution of ballistic-rated materials has made it possible to create prefabricated security booths that are highly functional while also protecting against the most extreme threats. Using these specially engineered materials and advanced methods of construction, your security booth can be bullet and blast-resistant from the windows to the walls, floors, ceilings, and hardware.

Your modern guard house can be built to protect against U.L. Level 1 up to U.L. Level 10, or NIJ-I up to NIJ-IV and 50 caliber armor-piercing ammunition. From stainless steel hinges on blast resistant doors to armor-plated steel on our fully customized steel booth, there is no detail left unchecked to the potential threat of bullets or explosive devices. In fact, B.I.G. Enterprises has obtained the industry’s first Blast Resistant Certification for our advanced manufacturing techniques.

Whether you oversee a power plant or an oil refinery, a sensitive laboratory, an airport, military base or government compound, a ballistics resistant security center is paramount to the safety and security for your facility and your staff.


4. Slide Open Gun Ports

In the event that your security detail needs to mount a defense, slide open gun ports can be an effective way to return fire while minimizing your team’s exposure to gunfire.

These slide-open ports are bullet-resistant when closed, but provide a large or small aperture through which a gun can be fired if necessary. The size of the port can be adjusted to accommodate different types of weapons per the needs of your team.

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When it comes to the security of your staff, clients, guests, and facility, you cannot afford to trust just anyone. For over 40 years, B.I.G. Enterprises has been the industry leader in designing and manufacturing modern guard houses with the most advanced safety features, the highest quality materials, and obsessive attention to detail.

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