Volume 1: October 2007

The Estate

LSU selects guard booth that's welcoming, not intimidating...

The Titan

Major pharmaceutical company chooses innovative design solution...


"Port Controller" Hardens POHA Security

The Port of Houston Authority has worked to find its own solutions to the problems facing port security leaders across the country...

Article provided by Security.

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B.I.G. "Tells It To Chertoff"

"As you know, protecting the perimeter, and ensuring the safety of those who guard it, is the first line of defense from a blast threat to a critical facility..."

Article provided by Government Product News

B.I.G. Submits Itself to Customer Scrutiny

"Third-party interviews conducted with a wide variety of customers from a five-year period indicated...

Maintenance Free Gun Port

Ask about our patent-pending maintenance free bullet and blast resistant gun port.

B.I.G.'s products are listed and available on the GSA Contract Schedule GS-07F-0169T.