High security booths


B.I.G. Bullet and Blast Resistant booths have been specified in hundreds of recent security upgrades in key government, nuclear, chemical, agricultural, water treatment facilities, and financial institutions. B.I.G.’s extensive client list includes the Nuclear Regulatory Committee, all branches of United States Armed Forces, and hundreds of prominent and (previously) vulnerable facilities (not mentioned by name due to national security concerns)...



High security brown booth

Employees Feel Secure with New Perimeter Control

We needed to establish a perimeter to control access to our plants. We also wanted to keep out the potential terrorist who might try and contaminate our product. With the new guard booths, we were able to shut down the road and control access to the plant, and that had been impossible before. Our customers and growers are visually assured of the seriousness with which we take security. Several employees have commented that they feel safer just knowing the gate and officer are in place.

Secure Decision Making with B.I.G.

The Guard House outperformed expectations. My decision to buy their booth was confirmed and reconfirmed with every interaction I had with B.I.G.

Safe & Secure Around Nuclear Facility

"We chose B.I.G. because of a combination of price, delivery time frame, and product quality. With the convergence of all three things, B.I.G. was a clear winner."

Security Staff are Well Supported

"It had everything we were looking for and then some. The booth has been working out great! It went in 'four square and solid.' We get compliments from both employees and visitors on how nice it looks. The security officers that work in there are amazed at the heater. It warms the booth up in no time. The glazing helps cut the glare a whole lot, so they can see better and they don't have constant eyestrain. The counter top has plenty of room for phone, computer, monitor, notebooks, and check-in sheets."

High security booth

New Security Checkpoint Provides Quality Work Environment

The booth has provided a quality work environment for the security officers that is well lit and provides ample work space. The booth has provided a quality approach as part of an overall new checkpoint strategy. It was relatively easy to install and is the capstone of a $5.8 million overall security enhancement.”

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