The Highest Level of Blast Resistance in the Industry

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Effective Blast Resistant Building Design for Your Guard Booths

When you require the ultimate in security and protection, you need blast resistant enclosures from B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. Our blast resistant designs are effective answers to your security concerns for guard buildings and booths. Our bullet resistant security guard booths are skillfully engineered to the most exacting of standards, ensuring each booth provides incomparable protection for your security staff.

B.I.G.’s blast resistant enclosures have been used by some of the most exclusive and security-sensitive organizations in the world, including military operations, high-level corporate security systems, and even NASA. Our clients take no risks with security – and that’s why they trust high security booths from B.I.G. Enterprises.

Blast Resistant & Bullet Resistant Guard Booths for Maximum Protection

In the post 9/11 world, federal security requirements have never been more stringent. That’s because incorporating solid and functional blast resistance into a guard booth or revenue protection design prevents injuries and saves lives. While blast resistance is a major requirement of most guard enclosures and attendant booths, many guard booth manufacturers simply can’t rise to the challenge of effective blast resistant building design.

Our customers demand the best in high security, blast resistant guard houses, which is why our team works with leading engineers and suppliers of blast resistant building materials to develop designs that work for your needs.

We utilize highly specialized materials, such as armor-plated steel on our custom steel booths. This has made us a leader in blast resistant technology and allowed us to achieve the highest level of blast resistance in the industry. 

While other manufacturers are catching up to our level of expertise, we’re already moving forward to continue to improve on our technology and security.

Prefabricated Booths Tested for Safety and Security

B.I.G.'s blast and bullet resistant guard booth materials have been vigorously tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), H.P. White and the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). These organizations are the absolute authorities in safety and security, and know how to test for high security guard house efficiency, safety, and security.

When blast resistant building materials pass their strenuous testing, it’s clear these materials are designed to provide the ultimate in protection. B.I.G.’s ready-to-use booths can be built from Level 1 up to Level NIJ-IV and 50 caliber armor piercing. Last but not least, B.I.G. has obtained a Blast Resistant Certification on our blast resistant booths manufacturing technique – a first in the industry.

The Difference of B.I.G. Booths

B.I.G. Enterprises’ ballistic, bullet resistant guard booths have many features that make them stand apart from the rest. These features include continuous stainless steel hinges on blast resistant doors, which enables the doors to support armored weight and ensure easy handling without failure. B.I.G. has designed and perfected several gun ports, enabling the use of a range of weapons, from large caliber weapons to small handguns. These features are easy to operate and incredibly secure.

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