Energy Efficient Guard Shelter Solutions

B.I.G. is the only pre-fab guard booth manufacturer to currently meet state of Washington energy conservation standards, which are the most restrictive in the country.

B.I.G. includes continuous insulation in their wall panels for all booths now, with that option also available for ballistic rated booths. By adding that option to a ballistic rate booth, it provides for better wall insulation performance and is more architectural as well. These energy-efficient booths are sensitive to the surrounding architecture, meet all state building and energy codes, comply with ADA access requirements, have high-output HVAC systems, and include a restroom. In addition, the exterior design incorporates architectural overhangs and stainless steel turnbuckles. Wall panels were prepped for a custom finish. The interior has solid surface counters, ergonomically efficient working areas, stylish lighting, and pre-wiring for data and communications systems.

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