Custom Built Transit Shelters

Both public spaces and private properties benefit from providing durable transit shelters that offer year-round protection for citizens, customers, and employees. At B.I.G. Enterprises, we have extensive experience designing completely customizable transit enclosures for every type of environment. Plus, our units are shipped prefab, eliminating the timely task of erecting them on site.

Whether you’re looking for a bus shelter outfitted with a solar-power lighting system or an airport shuttle shelter that meets the needs of modern travelers, we’ve got you covered. Using quality materials and stylish design options, we’ll construct a transit unit that is both highly effective and aesthetically pleasing – all within your budget.

We Can Build Anything You Envision

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Choose from a variety of design options for your transit shelter, including:

  • Solar-powered lighting
  • Custom bench, display, and seating options
  • Heating systems for cold-weather environments
  • Ventilation units for smoking shelters
  • Exterior finishings, such as glass, stucco, and steel

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By offering waiting passengers a clean, safe shelter, you send a welcoming message that reflects positively on your business. Browse our gallery of prefabricated transit shelters to find something that inspires you, or submit your unique specifications to our design team and allow us to create a completely custom booth.

It’s easy to get started by simply contacting us today and getting a free quote for your project.