B.I.G. Solves the Industry Problem of the Broken Transaction Window

All-Steel HVT Sliding Window

B.I.G. designed, built and installed this All-Steel HVT Sliding Window in our cashier booths at a very busy international airport in 1991....10 years ago. Yes, this window is used, abused and opened and closed on average, once every 3 minutes or 57,600 times per year or over 5 million times over the past decade without ANY failures.

Most pre-fab booth companies install the traditional aluminum sliding window, which falls victim to constant mal-function. If you don't have a B.I.G. booth, chances are, you don't have the HVT Window. Call us today.


New "Lab" Booth

At first glance it appears that B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc.™ is now building kitchens, but a closer look reveals that B.I.G now designs and builds laboratories. Featuring quality stainless steel fixtures such as sinks and counters, this brand new booth was created for a well known refinery that required special stainless steel amenities for testing water. Notice that the stainless steel hood comes with a high volume exhaust fan for ensuring safety when dealing with volatile materials. Like all B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc.™ structures, the "Lab" Booth is prefabricated in our shop and shipped complete with all specified fixtures, wiring, and plumbing.



Ride Control Booths

Ride Control BoothsB.I.G.'s RIDE CONTROL BOOTH was designed to fit the overall theme of this major Midwest theme park. It offered the function needed to accommodate park staff and ride control personnel as well as durable good looks.

King's Island Amusement Park 
(between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio)



Airport Booths

Airport BoothsDecades of airport experience has taught that high traffic areas need a special transaction window. That's why B.I.G. designed this all steel, ball bearing roller window with a 15 year warranty. It has stood the test of time and is the only window to perform once every 30 seconds, still performing after years and years of service.

Better weather resistance, better rolling, better tracking–just a better high use window. Shouldn't you have a 15-year B.I.G. warranty at work for you?



B.I.G. listens to its customers.

All B.I.G. sliding door jambs now have double the strength. We back each hook latch opening with solid 11-gauge steel. This ensures the security and integrity of the latching system.

All B.I.G. top hung sliders also have their hook latches reinforced with 11-gauge steel.

In addition, we have upgraded our swing door mortise lock to the Corbin Russwin Lock System that offers a heavy-duty solid stainless steel strike to provide longer trouble-free use and less maintenance.

You want Quality? B.I.G. has it!

Here is just another example of how B.I.G. can meet your architectural challenges. This booth is all stainless steel and the entire outer skin is perforated stainless, for that really hot environment.

Let B.I.G. meet your challenges; we're #1 in quality and service!


Attention Convention / Stadium Facility Managers:
Here is the Solution to your Ticket Over-Flow Problems.

Featuring High Security & Ease of Movement.

When popular events find you scrambling for every spare ticket window in your facility, you can now solve the problem by just pressing a button on the B.I.G. EASY from B.I.G.!

This booth system was designed especially for you. Some movable ticket booths are old, cumbersome and can require a forklift to move. Not the B.I.G. EASY. Now, floors are not damaged and struggling over relocation of the ticket booth center becomes history!

One push of the button raises the B.I.G. EASY for ready movement to any location. Push the button and the activators lower the booth to the floor, allowing complete operation by any staff person, including the disabled. The stainless outside shelf is ADA correct.

The B.I.G. EASY is fully ADA compliant and also comes completely assembled, wired and ready to use. It includes a built-in battery keeper and a marine type electrical hookup.

Don't hassle the overflow crowds. Let the B.I.G.EASY do the work from now on.

Button #1 raises the all steel booth off the floor for ease of movement. Button #2 lowers your B.I.G.Easy, built with Critical Span Engineering, back to the floor for a secure fit.


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