New B.I.G. Bullet/Blast-Resistant Guard Booth Protects the People Who Protect the Perimeter

Designed for U.S. Government perimeter security, a new guard booth combines bullet-resistant construction with bomb/blast-resistant technology to protect and empower those who themselves protect critical facilities.

Los Angeles, CA. – May 11, 2011 – Responding to the Department of Homeland Security’s demand for highest threat perimeter protection, B.I.G. Enterprises ( has combined bullet-proof guard booth construction with bomb/blast resistant technology in its newest product innovation for highest threat security protection, “The Convincer.” 

Protecting the perimeter—and ensuring the safety of those who guard it—is the first line of defense in a ballistics attack on a critical facility. A guard booth that is designed to withstand a bomb/blast attack enables the guard inside to respond and initiate emergency procedures.

The essential aspects of personnel and property in perimeter security have become key concerns for both the government and the private sector. Blast-resistant precautions are now part of advances in security programs at nuclear power facilities across the country, as mandated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, while New York and many other cities are currently using new ballistic resistant guard booths for site security. B.I.G. Blast Resistant booths have been specified in hundreds of recent security upgrades in key government, nuclear, chemical, agricultural and water treatment facilities, financial institutions and other facilities mandated by post-9/11 requirements for specific threat levels. B.I.G.’s extensive client list includes all branches of the United States Armed Forces and many facilities critical to our nation’s security. 

The threat is real, and the stakes are high. “The decision has to be made very carefully,” says project manager Ed Vega of Bovis Lend Lease, a New York project management and construction services company currently in an "on-call contract" with the New York City Economic Development Corporation. “You are selecting something that is going to protect someone's life, and as threats escalate, the need for a higher level of protection becomes an absolute necessity.”

B.I.G.'s Blast and Bullet Resistant booth materials have been tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), H.P. White and/or the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The ready-to-use booths can be built from Level 1 up to NIJ-IV and 50 calibers Armor piercing. B.I.G. also offers a Blast Resistant certification, a first in the industry. Special features such as continuous stainless steel hinges on blast resistant doors enable them to support the armored weight and ensure easy handling without failure.

A contract negotiator and buyer for NASA facilities said, “Guard booths are able to help prevent and check access to our facilities—that’s why we buy them.”