Harmony and space go hand in hand.
This simply refers to the way that consistent flow makes visitors to a facility feel at ease—or feel secure

Architectural unity is the ability to draw the eye easily and the ability to make people feel welcome.


Repeating design elements such as color, texture, shape, and form is one of the efficient ways to achieve architectural harmony.  Repetition allows the eye to easily absorb the structure without anything jarring or breaking the pattern.

When you have certain colors and textures used on your campus and not reinforced on your perimeter, it can be discordant and visually disorganized. This, in turn, can create the impression your defenses are weak.

The Del Rey, the design and execution of this custom-made booth conveys the excellence and attention to detail expected in the high-end community it protects. The overall impression is one of harmony and unity. And from that harmony and unity comes a sense of strength warning intruders to stay away.


Unity is achieved when each element within the space combine to create a balanced, complete whole. Everything about the structure seems just right, somehow, working together to create harmony.
This reinforces the feeling that everything is run in a disciplined orderly manner. Oddly enough, unity is not always achieved by being overly ‘mix and match’. In fact, being too rigid and not allowing any sort of creativity or flow can end up having the opposite effect.

A mish mash of design elements weakens the perception of a perimeter’s security effectiveness and can invite unwelcome tests by would-be intruders to see if the security will hold or not.
As an example, the Georgetown’s lead-coated copper roof and the brick facade reflect the community. These architectural components create a sense of unity, and communicate strength. 

Cutting-Edge, innovative design is the hallmark of the Space Age. Choosing the right materials and using them appropriately reinforces a property's sense of order and harmony. The Aerospace demonstrates the power of unity and harmony to once again warn intruders to look elsewhere.

Order and the resulting harmony = strength

Thinking about your perimeter security and its architectural harmony?  Speak to B.I.G. today about how we can create a guard shack that enhances your facility and its perimeter security.